Workshop Schedules

Tuesday Morning, January 10, 10:45am

A-1 Ritualizing History and Culture into Liturgy
Msgr. Jerome Martinez y Alire
This workshop explores creative and helpful ways we can incorporate cultural considerations into our liturgical celebrations. The Diocese of Santa Fe has an especially rich point of view.

A-2 Grant Writing for Cathedrals
Michele Benavidez, Program Manager/Parish Relations Coordinator at The Catholic Foundation
A practical workshop on seeking funding and writing effective grant proposals to support Cathedral ministry.

The Poor Will Always Be With You, and So Will Be the Call to Respond
Fr. Graham R. Golden, O.Praem
The social needs and challenges that are found on the doorsteps and in the midst of faith congregations can be overwhelming. How do we as ministers guide our communities in discerning to which problems we may most readily respond? With limited resources, how can we guide our outreach to seek the most significant impact? How do we do so in collaboration with other community partners ? Join us as we explore avenues to begin answering these questions and examine the intersection of the social sciences, the social doctrine of our faith, and real-life praxis in parish ministry.

A-4 Pope Francis and Cathedral Ministry
Massimo Faggioli
What does Pope Francis’ vision for the Church in the 21st Century have to say to those of us who minister in the Cathedral context?

A-5 The First Years of Cathedral Ministry
Father Michael G. Ryan, Pastor, St. James Cathedral, Seattle and Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik, former Pastor, Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles
Cathedral ministry is a unique form of pastoral ministry. This presentation, facilitated by two experienced pastors, will focus on the challenges and exciting possibilities that come with pastoring a cathedral community. The heart of the workshop will be responses to questions submitted in advance by those intending to participate.

A-6 The Power of Light
Edwin Rambusch and Martin Rambusch, Rambusch Design Studio
This workshop will explore the use of light in our worship spaces. Beautiful lighting can support the liturgy, just as beautiful music can. Good lighting can help participants enter into the celebration more profoundly. The workshop takes a survey of history and offers innovative ideas for the future.

Tuesday Afternoon, January 10, 1:30pm

B-1 Bilingual/Multicultural Liturgy
Carmen Florez-Mansi, Santa Fe
We’ll explore best practices when it comes to bilingual and multicultural liturgy in the Cathedral setting. Santa Fe’s rich multicultural history offers a valuable perspective.

B-2 Funding & Fundraising
Ed Larrañaga
We will be looking at short and long-term funding with an emphasis on identifying and understanding your needs and creating a plan to achieve the desired funding for those needs. We will look at the difference between fund raising and “Friend raising” and the benefits of both. We will also gather best practices from those attending and discuss the benefits of those in your particular markets.

B-3 Laudato Si’
Anne Avalon

B-4 Evangelizing Gen X’ers
Father William Vit, Cathedral of the Epiphany, Sioux City
A Gen-Xr himself, Father Will Vit offers insights into how we can best reach our 20– and 30-somethings.

B-5 Security in the Cathedral: A Panel Discussion
Terri Ashmore, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis; Larry Brouse, St. James Cathedral, Seattle, and Robert Gonzalez, Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe
This panel discussion will explore different approaches to keeping our Cathedrals safe.

B-6 Art and Popular Devotions
Nicolas Otero
This fascinating workshop introduces devotional art that is indigenous to New Mexico, presented by an award winning Spanish colonial artist, Nicolas Otero. We’ll explore the traditional methods, materials and devotions used in the production of retablos and bultos. Learn about what sets these religious images apart from all others and discover how santos played a role in the loves of the native and hispano people then and now.

Wednesday Morning, January 11, 10:45am

C-1 Cathedral Rites
Rita Ferrone
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults asks that the bishop preside at the Rite of Election and a Neophytes’ Mass. We will explore critical theological/pastoral issues embodied in these rites and discuss best practices for their cathedral celebration. If there is time, we will also discuss ways for the cathedral to model excellence in other rites of adult initiation and infant baptism.

C-2 Small & Rural Cathedrals
Father Jerry Funke, Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Boise and Father William Vit, Cathedral of the Epiphany, Sioux City
This workshop explores the unique challenges of ministering in small and rural Cathedrals, and making the most of limited resources.

C-3 Missionary Trips — God’s Undiscovered Call
Dr. David Dennedy Frank

C-4 Welcoming the Unwelcome
Janice Anderson, Father Val Handwerker
How do we in Cathedral ministry answer Pope Francis’ call to go out to the periphery and seek out the lost? How do we make the “unwelcome” feel welcome in our Cathedral communities?

C-5 Going Deeper for the Common Ground: Developing Authentic Ecumenical Relationships
Rev. Talitha Arnold & Fr. Adam Ortega
How do we reach across the lines that separate Christians as Catholics and Protestants? In a time when our country is marked by division, how do people of different faith traditions build bridges? Most importantly how do we do so with integrity and authenticity? A Roman Catholic Priest and a Protestant woman minister share their insights and experiences.

C-6 Engaging the Community in Building & Remodeling
Ken Griesemer, Robert Habiger and Carol Frenning
There are rituals and objects that uniquely belong to cathedrals. For example, there is the design and placement of the cathedra, or space for the ritual flow of ordination or Chrism Mass, or the influence of a cathedral project on diocesan-wide liturgy and liturgical education. Successful examples of these and other cathedral issues addressed in the design of new or renovated cathedral spaces are the subject of this session.