Seattle, Washington

Seattle is an attractive city year round – even in January! In addition to the city’s famous natural surroundings—mountains, lakes, and a large inland sea—and well-known landmarks like the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market, there are many other attractions, including historic Pioneer Square, birthplace of the city; a lively international district; and some wonderful architecture. Seattle is growing more rapidly than any other city in the nation, with more construction projects than any other city in the nation for the last two years!  Seattle is a regional capital for the arts, with dozens of museums, galleries, and concert halls, and it is equally a center for the “high tech” world. Seattle is also the birthplace of Boeing, UPS, Nordstrom, Microsoft, REI and, of course, Amazon and Starbucks (there’s one on every corner!). In the course of the 2019 Conference, you will have ample opportunities to explore one of our country’s most beautiful cities.  In addition, Seattle boasts very mild winters with lows averaging 36-40F and highs around 46-50F.