Tuesday Morning, January 15, 2019, 11:15am

Workshops: Series A CHOOSE ONE OF SIX

A-1  The Power of Sacred Art, the Art of Sacred Power

From its very beginnings the Catholic Church has engaged the sacred arts in the proclamation and the celebration of the faith. This workshop will offer a brief overview of the role art has played in the life of the church throughout the ages. We will then explore how the arts may assist in the building up of our church in the very diverse and complex world we live in today. Presenter: Johan Van Parys, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

A-2 The Past is Present: Sharing your Cathedral History

This workshop explores how the stories we tell from our diocesan and Cathedral history can help us understand the unique charism of our local church and can also serve as a powerful tool for evangelization. Presenters: Corinna Laughlin, Director of Liturgy, St. James Cathedral; and Seth Dalby, Archivist, Archdiocese of Seattle.

A-3 The First Years of Cathedral Ministry

Cathedral ministry is a unique form of pastoral ministry. This presentation, facilitated by two experienced pastors, will focus on the challenges and exciting possibilities that come with pastoring a cathedral community. The presenters will share some of their insights but the heart of the workshop will be responses to questions submitted in advance by those intending to participate. Presenters: Father Michael G. Ryan, Pastor, St. James Cathedral, Seattle; and Father John Bauer, Pastor, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis.

A-4 Starting a Youth Ministry Program—from scratch!

Youth ministry is one of the most important things we do in our parishes. Two experienced youth ministers share the wisdom learned from starting an inner-city youth ministry program from scratch, and talk about how to integrate service and ministry opportunities into youth ministry. Presenters: Joe Cotton and Curtis Leighton, St. James Cathedral, Seattle.

A-5 Faithful Citizenship: The Cathedral as Public Witness

As Catholics, we have an obligation to advocate for the common good, yet many of us shy away from engaging in the political sphere. How can we speak the prophetic word in our polarized political environment? This workshop will explore ways to grow as faithful advocates. We will also look at some of the opportunities and challenges unique to Cathedrals in engaging in political advocacy. Presenter: Patty Bowman, longtime Outreach Director at St. James Cathedral, now director of the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center in Seattle.


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Tuesday Afternoon, January 15, 2:00pm

Workshops: Series B CHOOSE ONE OF SIX

B-1  A New Cathedral: the Story of Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove

Father Christopher Smith and members of his team share the unique story of the new Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, Diocese of Orange, formerly the “Crystal Cathedral.” Learn how this team is seizing the opportunity to create a modern Cathedral incorporating the best of our Catholic tradition, and revitalizing the parish community and the diocese at the same time. Presenter: Rev. Christopher Smith, Christ Cathedral, Diocese of Orange.

B-2 Celebrating Cathedral Milestone Moments

Whether it’s your 25th or your 225th, cathedral milestones are worth celebrating! This workshop will share ideas about celebrating the past, the present and the future as you mark an important anniversary in the life of your cathedral parish. Presenter: Mae Desaire, Communications Director, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis.

B-3 Small budget, big impact: challenges and opportunities of small and rural cathedrals

Just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a big impact in your community. This workshop explores the special gifts and opportunities of small cathedrals. Presenters: Father Jerry Riney, Owensboro, KY; and Father Jerry Funke, Boise, ID.

B-4 Sacramental Preparation as an opportunity for evangelization
This panel discussion will offer practical and useful ideas for seizing on sacramental moments—marriage, baptism, First Communion, and confirmation—to evangelize and invite. Presenters: Father Adam Lee Ortega y Ortiz, Santa Fe; Julianna Castro, St. James Cathedral, Seattle; and Helen Oesterle, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Seattle.

B-5 The Field Hospital
Many of our inner-city Cathedrals are surrounded by people in need. This panel discussion explores how we can develop outreach ministries in response to the specific needs we see all around us. Presenters: Chris Koehler, Director, St. James Immigrant Assistance; Nancy Granger, Mental Health Nurse; Teddi Callahan, Director of the Cathedral Kitchen, and Patrick Barredo, Director of Outreach and Advocacy,
St. James Cathedral, Seattle.

B-6 CRCCM Workshop: Open rehearsal with Bruce Neswick

Bruce Neswick will offer an open rehearsal with St. James Cathedral’s Jubilate! Young Women’s Ensemble. Bruce Neswick is the Canon for Cathedral Music at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon. Mr. Neswick was the Director of Music at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City, where he conducted the Choir of Girls, Boys and Adults and had oversight of the musical life of that historic church. Active in the field of church music, Mr. Neswick has conducted dozens of summer camps and festivals for boy and girl choristers and has been commissioned to compose for performers and churches throughout North America.

Wednesday Morning, January 16, 11:00m

Workshops: Series C CHOOSE ONE OF SIX

C-1  The Liturgical Environment: A Practical Workshop

Dressing the church throughout the liturgical year supports our prayer and worship practices. Seasonal embellishments in our churches identify visually, and to all of our senses, the Paschal and Incarnational cycles of the Liturgical Year. This session will give a greater understanding of the appropriate placement, scale and symbolism of objects in our liturgical environment. Presenter: Carol Frenning, President, Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces.

C-2 The Rights and Wrongs of the Rite of Election

One of the main liturgies of the diocese is the Rite of Election, which is the “focal point of the Church’s concern for the catechumens” (RCIA, 121). It is one of the few annual diocesan liturgies at which people from every parish participate, and it is often the first experience of catechumens and their godparents of the bishop and the wider church. This liturgy can be a formative moment for discipleship, or it can be a confusing ritual that miscatechizes the purpose of election. We’ll discuss some pitfalls to avoid and ways to rethink this liturgy within the context of the intention of the rite. Presenter: Diana Macalintal.

C-3 Capital Campaigns: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In this lively panel discussion, experienced fundraisers share stories of capital campaign successes as well as asks that went awry. We’ll explore campaigns both large and small and invite participants to share their experiences as well. Presenters: Deacon Pierce Murphy, Executive Director of Stewardship and Development, Archdiocese of Seattle; Monsignor Robert Ritchie, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City; Terri Ashmore, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis.

C-4 Come, Follow Me: Preaching Workshop

An opportunity for priests and deacons attending the conference to explore the ministry of preaching with a gifted preacher and teacher. Presenter: Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Seattle. Bishop Mueggenborg is the author of Come Follow Me, reflections on the Sunday Gospels.

C-5 All about Alpha

Have you thought about launching Alpha in your parish? Do you have questions about the program and how it fits in the Catholic or Cathedral setting? This panel will explore the challenges and blessings of undertaking Alpha in both urban and neighborhood settings. Presenters: Julianna Castro, St. James Cathedral; Johnny Hom, Holy Family Parish, Kirkland; and Cathy Rowley, Mary Queen of Peace, Sammamish.


Members of CRCCM gather for their annual business meeting in lieu of a workshop at this time.