Day 2: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All events take place at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in the Great Lakes Promenade, Conference Level 4, unless otherwise noted.

7:00 am
– Buffet Breakfast
Great Lakes, 4th floor

8:15 am
– Morning Prayer
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis
Across Nicollet Mall from the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

9:00 am
– Keynote I: Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ
“Pope Francis and Church Reform”
Pope Francis has surprised everyone with his actions and message. What is the ecclesiology behind his vision and where is he leading us?
Great Lakes, 4th floor

10:15 am
– Break with coffee and refreshments
Great Lakes, 4th floor

10:45 am
– Workshop I (select one)
Click here for more workshop information
A1– Beyond our Walls: Building Collaborative Ministries
A2– Symbols that Surround Us: Catechetical Cathedral Treasures
A3– Festivals as Fundraisers: Cathedral Fundraising Campaigns
A4– Excellence in Cathedral Leaders: New Rectors and New Pastors
A5– The Making of New Christians: RCIA in Cathedral Settings
A6– Chants of the Mass (Propers I): Exploring Proper Chants/Texts of the Mass

12:00 pm
– Lunch
Great Lakes, 4th floor
Sponsored by Evergreene

1:30 pm
– Workshop II (select one)
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B1– Outreach to LBGT Persons – The Church is a Home to All
B2– A Culture of Encounter: Sacramental Ministry in the Church
B3– Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Cathedral Legacy Foundations
B4– Beacons of Hope: Rural and Smaller Cathedrals
B5– Teaching the Generations: Life-long Learning
B6– Chants of the Mass (Propers II): Exploring Proper Chants/Texts of the Mass
-OR- ACLS Retreat at The Basilica (until 9:30 pm, with dinner)

3:00 pm
– Break with coffee and refreshments
Great Lakes, 4th floor

4:00 pm
– Buses depart for The Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota

4:30 pm
– Tours of The Cathedral of Saint Paul

5:15 pm
– Mass at The Cathedral of Saint Paul with Organ Postlude

6:30 pm (or immediately following Organ Postlude)
– Buses depart for Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

7:00 pm
Dinner Groups- meet in Hyatt Regency Minneapolis lobby for dinner excursions
Dinner cost not included in registration

9:30 pm
– CRCCM Colloquium in CRCCM suite