Thursday Afternoon Excursion to St. John’s

On Thursday, January 15, 2015, participants will depart by bus from the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis at 11:00 am, travel to St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN.

Buses will depart Collegeville at 5:45 pm and return to the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis by 7:15pm. This excursion is specifically designed for CRCCM and ACLS members but all are welcome to attend. 


St. John’s is home to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library and the Abbey church.  The museum is a national resource for the documentation and study of historical periods. Lunch will be served in the Great Hall. Tour the Abbey Church and select from a series of presentations with the opportunity to attend three sessions on topics from organs, Manuscript collection and more. The trip concludes with celebration of the Eucharist with the monastic community in the Abbey church.

12:30 pm
Lunch in the Great Hall provided by Liturgical Press
Presentation by Liturgical Press

1:30 pm
First series of 60 minute presentations:

Session A. The Proulx Collection
Presenter: Michael Silhavy
Location: To Be Announced

(View Website)

Session B. Gregorian Chant
Presenter: Dr. Anthony Ruff for CRCCM
Location: To Be Announced

Session C. Tour of the Abbey Church
Presenter: TBD
Location: The Abbey Church
Target Group: CRCCM

2:40 pm
Second series of 60 minute presentations:

Session A. Three Centuries of Benedictine-inspired Organ Building in Central Minnesota
Presenter: Dr. Kim Kasling
Location: Gertken Organ Studio, Stephen B. Humphrey Bldg

Session B. Caring for one’s Voice
Presenter: Dr. Axel Theimer for CRCCM
Location: To Be Announced

Session C. Liturgy and Music in Script and Print
Presenter: Matthew Z. Heintzelman, Curator of the Austria/Germany Study Center and Curator for Rare Books
Location: Maxine H. Wallin Classroom
(Hill Museum & Manuscript Library)


Session D: St. John Bible Vault Tour

Session D. Vault Tour with The Saint John’s Bible
Presenter: Tim Ternes, Director, The Saint John’s Bible
Location: New Science Center – Vault Room

3:50 pm
Third series of 60 minute presentations:

Session A. Demonstration of Gertken Studio Organ, (Marrin 2/25,) Abbey Church, W. Holtkamp Sr., 3/64, and Fiss/Lauckhauff, 2/13.
Presenter: Dr. Kim Kasling and graduate students
Location: Begin Gertken Studio Organ, Stephen B. Humphrey Bldg;
migrate to Abbey Church

Session B. Participation in a Master Class
Presenter: Dr. Axel Theimer
Location: To Be Announced


Session C: Ancient Fire

Session C. Ancient Fire to a Humane Future
Presenter: Richard Bresnahan, Master Potter and Artist-in-Residence
Location: The Saint John’s Pottery (

Session D. Art in the the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library with a focus on the Arca Artium collection of Frank Kacmarcik, Obl.S.B.
Presenter: Alan Reed, O.S.B., Curator of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library art collection.
Location: Peter Engel 028 – Arca Artium Art Vault

5:00 pm
Celebration of the Eucharist with the monastic community in the Abbey church

5:45 pm
Buses depart for Hyatt Regency Minneapolis