Workshop Session A

Tuesday, January 13 at 10:45am

Workshop A1 (Outreach Track)
Beyond our Walls: Building Collaborative Ministries
Speakers: Janice Andersen (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN) and Heidi McAllister (Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness, Minneapolis MN)

In order to make a real difference in our cities and in the world, partnering with other congregations and organizations ensures a greater impact.

(St. Vincent De Paul, Interfaith Congregations to End Homelessness, Downtown Grief Coalition, Advocacy Efforts, Voices for Justice)

Workshop A2 (Art and ACLS Track)
Symbols that Surround Us: Catechetical Cathedral Treasures
Speaker: Johan van Parys, Ph.D. (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

Our cathedrals are filled with images and symbols that tell the story of our faith. Reading these seems to have become a lost art. How can we best tap in this treasure trove of religious riches to catechize and evangelize parishioners and visitor alike?

Workshop A3 (Communications and Development Track)
Parties with a Purpose: Cathedral Fundraising Events
Speakers: Terri Ashmore (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN) and Meghan Gustafson (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

Learn about a diverse portfolio of events that support a Cathedral. From church bingo to black tie galas to an outdoor concert that hosts 30,000 people over two days.

Workshop A4 (Rector and Pastor Track)
Excellence in Cathedral Leaders: New Rectors and New Pastors
Speakers: Rev. Brad Baker (Cathedral of Saint Raymond Nonnatus, Joliet IL) and Rev. Michael Ryan (Saint James Cathedral, Seattle WA)

Cathedral ministry is a unique pastoral undertaking. This facilitated panel discussion will focus on first impressions and challenges of pastoring a cathedral community. Issues pertaining to parish and diocesan entities, staffing and the local mission of the cathedral community will be topics of discussion.

Workshop A5 (Learning Track)
The Making of New Catholics: RCIA in Cathedral Settings
Speaker: Paula Kaempffer (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

Every year, thousands of people join the Catholic Church. Cathedrals contribute greatly to this ministry. How can we make this ministry even better? What are the challenges? What are the opportunities?

Workshop A6 (Music and CRCCM Track)
Chants of the Mass (Propers I): Exploring Proper Chants/Texts of the Mass
Speakers: Jason McFarland (Zunyi Normal College, Guizhou China) and Christoph Tietze (The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, San Francisco CA)

Explore the proper chants/texts of the Mass and answer the following questions: Where did they come from? What do they teach us about the theology of the entrance and communion rites in particular? How can we make these texts come alive in contemporary Catholic worship?