Workshop Session C

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 10:45am

Workshop C1 (Outreach Track)
Opening the Doors of Welcome: Mental Health Ministry
Speakers: Lawrence Brouse (Saint James Cathedral, Seattle WA) and Janet Grove (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

Mental Health issues touch every segment of our population. How do we educate our community in matters of mental health? How do we help alleviate shame, stigma and denial? And how can we as a faith community provide support in terms of treatment and recovery?

Workshop C2 (Art and ACLS Track)
Cathedral Decor: An Environment for Every Season
Speakers: Johan van Parys, Ph.D. (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN), Br. William Woeger, F.S.C. (Archdiocese of Omaha, Omaha NE) and Juanita Yoder.

Architecture, art and environment are very important to the liturgical life of the church. How can we make the best use of the space we have while being creative without breaking the bank?

Workshop C3 (Communications and Development Track)
Communicating Today: One Message, Multiple Platforms
Speakers: Stacy Glaus (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN) and Maria Laughlin (Saint James Cathedral, Seattle WA)

How do we as cathedral communities make the best use of the many communication tools that are available to us, including print, electronic communications and social media? And how do developed Integrated Communication Strategies with the intent to reach different segments of our population?

Workshop C4 (Rector and Pastor Track)
“Fulfilled in your hearting” (Luke 4:21)
Speaker: Sr. Dianne Bergant (Catholic Theological Union, Chicago IL)

This presentation will offer a method for liturgical preaching that situates the interpretation of each day’s readings withing the theology of its respective liturgical season. This theology is drawn from the specific themes of the readings that are assigned to that particular year rather than from general theological themes otherwise associated with the season.

Workshop C5 (Learning Track)
Beyond “Sunday School:” Engaging Children and Youth
Speakers: Joe Cotton (Saint James Cathedral, Seattle WA) and Teri Larson (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

How can we engage young people in the life of the church, beyond sacramental preparation or “Sunday School?” How do we empower younger generations to BE Christ’s body, both today and in the future?  Explore concrete ways to establish a vibrant and comprehensive youth ministry.  We’ll give special attention to addressing the challenges of youth ministry in an urban, destination-parish setting.

Workshop C6 (Music Track)
Sing a New Song: Music in a Multi-Cultural Age
Speaker: Walter Tambor (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis MN)

Cathedrals are the mother church for all parishioners of the archdiocese. As such, they are to make sure that they provide welcoming liturgies for all. Music selections play a very important role in this. How do we best provide multi-cultural music offerings in our Cathedral Churches?