Fr. Richard Adam


Fr. Rich Adam

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Davenport, IA

Ordained in June of 1988 Fr. Rich has been Rector/Pastor of Sacred Heart Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa since September of 2011. His previous assignment of 3 Cluster Parishes in Richmond, Riverside and Wellman, Iowa had a total of 600 parish families.  Since assigned to the Cathedral of the Davenport, Iowa diocese, Fr. Rich has gone from 3 parishes and driving 40 miles each Sunday morning to 1 parish, 600 families and no driving!

Fr. Rich’s previous assignment involved the building of 2 major building projects consisting of parish gathering places, dining halls, offices and classrooms for CCD programs. The success of these projects led him to Sacred Heart where Bishop Amos requested another building project, that of added handicap entrances, more restrooms, gathering space, dining hall and classrooms for faith formation. The Cathedral is located in the inner city of Davenport where most of the parishioners of the once thriving parish have moved to the outlying suburbs and greater metropolitan areas.  The K-8 school has consolidated with 3 neighboring parishes and moved to another location.

Born and raised in rural S.E. Iowa, Fr. Rich shares the priesthood with 2 brother priests, all ministering in the Davenport Diocese.