2022 Schedule


1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. – Registration at Sofitel Hotel
1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m. – Guided tours of Holy Name Cathedral
5:30p.m. – Mass at Holy Name Cathedral with Cardinal Cupich
7:00p.m. – Opening Reception


7:00a.m. – Breakfast
8:30a.m. – Morning Mass – St. James Chapel
9:30a.m. – KEYNOTE: Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin C.SS.R
10:30a.m. – Coffee Break
11:15a.m. – Workshops Series A

Workshops: Series A – 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

A-1 – The First Years of Cathedral Ministry
Cathedral ministry is a unique form of pastoral ministry. This presentation, facilitated by three experienced pastors, will focus on the challenges and exciting possibilities that come with pastoring a cathedral community. The presenters will share some of their insights but the heart of the workshop will be responses to questions submitted in advance by those intending to participate.

Very Rev. Michael G. Ryan – Pastor – St. James Cathedral, Seattle
Very Rev. John Bauer – Pastor – The Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis
Very Rev. Greg Sakowicz – Rector – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

A-2 – Adult learning beyond Lecturing
A key principle of adult learning is that the adult brings wisdom to the table, yet most workshops, trainings, and programs use lecture as the key learning strategy. Based on the art of accompaniment, we will discuss use of secular music and film, museums, neighborhoods, and other venues for comprehensive learning for adults (and even children). Joe Malham and Patrick Lyne will share their latest project, Vatican 450, a list of secular films with religious insight.

Dr. Ken Ortega – Director of Faith Formation – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
Joe Malham – Local Author – Iconographer
Patrick Lyne – Illustrator

A-3 – Sacred Art
Daprato Rigali is one of the oldest restoration companies in the United States (Formally Daprato Statuary Company) dating back to the late eighteen hundreds. Not only did Daprato receive the Pontifical Seal of Approval from the Vatican as a preferred Studio, Daprato was the United States installer for all Stained Glass installation for the Zettler and Meyer Munich Studios. Today Daprato is qualified to conserve historical glass works, window removal, crate, transport, conservation, restoration, and reinstallation. Our team includes artists and conservators with specialized expertise in glass, painting, glazing techniques, stabilization, installation, painting, and decorations.

Daprato Rigali Studios – Chicago

A-4 – Equality/Diversity/inclusion in Cathedral Life
As we move into 2022, after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent civil unrest rejecting racism, how do parishes address racial injustice within hearts, parishes and the broader community? How can a parish embrace and embed the hard and important work of anti-racism into all facets of their community—especially when the people of the parish hold a wide range of political and world views, including those who reject the reality of racism? Wrestle with these questions, in light of your faith community. Share the journey of bringing the work of equity, diversity and inclusivity to The Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis, MN. How can this work shift from a marginal parish team to transformative parish work?

Janice Anderson – Director of Christian Life – The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis

A-5 – Maintaining your historic Cathedral
Our Cathedrals are historical and architectural treasures. But there are challenges with maintaining old and historic buildings. Often we defer important maintenance in order to deal with emergencies as they arise. This workshop will explore strategies around conducting a facilities study and planning for ongoing maintenance 5, 10, and even 20 years in the future.

Terri Ashmore – Managing Director – Administration – The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis
Larry Brouse – Pastoral Assistant for Administration – St. James Cathedral, Seattle

12:30p.m. Lunch/Networking
2:00p.m. Workshops Series B

Workshops: Series B – 2:00 P.m. – 3:00 P.m.

In this bank of workshops, all are invited to share their “war stories” of the past two years, dealing with the disruption and loss caused by COVID. Instead of the usual workshop format, a short panel presentation will be followed by facilitated conversation with attendees. What did you lose? What did you learn? What will you take forward into the future?

B-1 – Exhaustion, pain and healing: Pastoring the Cathedral Community during Covid-19
While there was a lot of uncertainty, we knew that we needed to adapt fast to our changing reality. How we remained connected with our parishioners? How we have become more like the people we wanted to be, we were called to be, we hope to be and stay that way—because of the lessons learned in the midst of a pandemic that has shaken our lives.

Very Rev. Miguel Gonzalez – Pastor – St. James Cathedral, Orlando

B-2 – Pivoting and Adapting: RCIA during Covid-19 / RCIA: Accompanying the adult from the moment of inquiry
From the initial inquiry, we accompany the adult discernment of becoming Catholic. We will discuss the positive aspect of the year round catechumenate, as well as the challenges. We will share learning strategies such as active listening, empathy, adult learning, and other techniques that empower the adult to become a confident, and spiritually prepared Catholic.

Dr. Ken Ortega – Director of Faith Formation – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
Pearl Gonzalez – RCIA Team Member – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
Jeffrey Lipshultz – RCIA Team Member – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

B-3 – What we learned: Livestream and Liturgy
In March, 2020, the Church went online. Unable to gather in person, we scrambled to maintain the liturgical life of our cathedrals. We’ll explore what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned about full, conscious, and active participation in the Church’s liturgy.

Johan Van Parys – Director of Liturgy & Sacred Arts Liturgy – The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis
Corinna Laughlin – Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy – St. James Cathedral, Seattle

B–4 – What we learned: Outreach to the poor during COVID
The pandemic has hit the poor hardest of all. In terms of our social outreach, many of our large shelters and feeding programs had to shut down for the safety of all. We’ll share stories of how we pivoted and adapted to continue to reach out to those in need, and the lessons we’ve learned during the pandemic which we’ll carry forward into the future.

Patrick Barredo – Director of Social Outreach and Advocacy – St. James Cathedral, Seattle
Andrew McKiernan – Catholic Charities Chicago

B–5 – What we learned: Communicating with the parish community
Keeping our parish communities connected and informed throughout the pandemic has never been more important. We have learned new tools and expanded our existing skills as we have lived through the daily changes in our world. We have transitioned in countless ways including livestreaming liturgies, Zooming wedding prep classes, and moving faith formation online. Our dioceses have also adapted and pivoted to meet the changing needs of our parishes on this journey. Join us as we discuss “What We Learned” throughout the past two years and how we continue to adapt, grow and thrive as parish communities.

Jennifer Drow – Secretary of Communications – Diocese of Orlando
Mae Desaire – Director of Communications and Marketing – The Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis
Lori Doyle – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

3:30p.m. – Break
4:30p.m. – Vespers – St. James Chapel
5:00p.m. – No-host networking dinners for Cathedral Ministry Conference
7:30p.m. – Musical Concert at Holy Name Cathedral (Holy Name Cathedral Parish Life Commission)


7:00a.m. – Breakfast
8:30a.m. – Morning Prayer – St. James Chapel
9:30a.m. – KEYNOTE: Rev. Ricky Manalo, CSP

Onsite and Online: Liturgical Hybridity and the Future of Pastoral Ministry
Whether we embrace them or not, livestream masses are here to stay. The question is to what extent do our online worship practices interconnect (or dare I suggest, integrate) with our onsite liturgies. Furthermore, what we could learn from online worship practices could be applied to pastoral ministry in general. There is a bold new world before us, but we need not be fearful of what the future holds. This plenum will point us towards the future.

10:30a.m. – Coffee Break
11:00a.m. – Workshops Series C

Workshops: Series C – 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

C-1 – The Past is Present: Sharing your Cathedral Story
Every Cathedral and every diocese has a unique history, a unique story to share. This workshop explores how the stories we tell from our diocesan and Cathedral history can help us understand the charism of our local church and can also serve as a powerful tool for evangelization. Historians Corinna and Maria Laughlin share stories learned from writing diocesan histories around the country.

Corinna Laughlin – Director of Liturgy – St. James Cathedral, Seattle
Maria Laughlin – Director of Stewardship & Development – St. James Cathedral, Seattle

C–2 – Millennial Parent/Alpha Child
We will discuss research on the families currently participating in our cathedrals, and adding the consequences of the Covid-19 guidelines. One study suggests that Alpha children are less willing to share. How do we address this behavior, especially when sharing is not recommended amid the pandemic? We will share strategies, projects, and training to better prepare our catechist to minister to our families.

Dr. Ken Ortega – Director of Faith Formation – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
Mrs. Maryellen Harrington – Director of Religious Education – Old St. Mary, Chicago

C–3 – Connection between Archdiocese and Cathedral
The specific offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago: the Office of Divine Worship, the Office of Radio and Television, and the Office of Communication’s work very closely with the staff of Holy Name Cathedral. This workshop will focus on the necessity of collaboration. Panelists will share their experiences with the Cathedral prior to COVID, during COVID and presently, focusing on livestream services, media outreach and liturgical planning.

Todd Williamson – Director of Divine Worship – Archdiocese of Chicago
Susan Thomas – Public Relations and Communications Manager – Archdiocese of Chicago
Brian Brach – Senior Manager of Multi-Media Technology – Archdiocese of Chicago

C-4 – Restorative Justice
Local violence affects some cathedrals directly; others indirectly. In all cases, cathedrals are seen as a model of response for the diocese. We will share concerns, possibly despair, and response to violence. It is our hope that we can create appropriate responses to our dioceses

Rev. Joseph Tito – Associate Pastor – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
Rev. David Kelly, CPPS – Executive Director of Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, Chicago

C-5 – The Cathedral and the Cardinal: Social Media Partnership
How do cathedrals and their bishops work together to explore new ways with social media tools to communicate the Gospel message of Jesus to their faithful? What can we learn from each other? Lori Doyle and Antonietta Colasanto will share ideas, best practices and tools available to engage social media followers and attract a new audience by adapting to the needs of our faith communities in an ever-changing landscape.

Antonietta Colasanto – Social Media Manager – Archdiocese of Chicago
Lori Doyle – Director of Cathedral Communications – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

12:15p.m. – Lunch/Networking
1:30p.m. – Afternoon Excursions (see page 9)
5:30p.m. – Mass at Holy Name Cathedral
7:00p.m. – Cathedral Ministry Banquet


7:00a.m. – Breakfast
8:30a.m. – Morning Prayer – St. James Chapel
9:30a.m. – KEYNOTE: ValLimar Jansen

The Art Of Accompaniment
The message we are commissioned to share in word and deed is, “Jesus Christ loves each of us: He gave His life to save us; and now He is living with us every day to enlighten, strengthen and free us.” Understanding and sharing exactly how God journeys with us, in our every day lives is fundamental to appreciating and experiencing how our Roman Catholic faith has the power to transform lives and bring about joyful living in any and all circumstances. With her unique blend of Scripture proclamation, music, storytelling and reflection ValLimar Jansen will present stories of Apostles, Saints, Holy Men & Women as well as ordinary people living extraordinary lives, as missionary disciples. Are you prepared to be a pilgrim and a companion on the journey? In this pandemic and post-pandemic world, what are some of the ways you are excelling at the art of accompaniment?

10:30a.m. – Wrap up, Evaluations